Welcome to Steadfast Solutions

Steadfast Solutions specializes in providing quality technology related solutions for educational institutions, government agencies, community groups, and faith based institutions. Our solutions address clients’ needs surrounding

  • Information Management
  • Integration of Technology and Academia
  • Project based training for center patrons in order to better prepare them for 21st Century workforce
  • Career/Life Development.

We deliver services in a manner that result in solutions that are:

  • Affordable
  • Client-Oriented
  • Educational
  • Sustainable
  • Progressive.

We have successfully managed and executed day-to-day programming and coordination of courses at various technology and Computer Learning Centers in the Boston area. We pride ourselves with the unique opportunity to co-invest in the development of our patrons’ technological, educational and social leadership capabilities. Our project-based curriculum approach ensures the adequate advancement of these three core components as we feel that each reinforces the other.