Our Objective

Steadfast Solutions provides its Clients Centers with a unique opportunity to co-invest in the development of their technological, educational, and social leadership capabilities. Our project-based curriculum approach will ensure the adequate advancement of these three core components as we feel that each reinforces the other.

Our Goals

In order to ensure successful operation of our centers, the following goals are aligned:


Setting up and Updating Center Workstations: Steadfast Solutions plans on evaluating all computers currently utilized at the center. After evaluating these computers we will perform necessary updates in order to ensure no successful utilization of the computers for day-to-day functioning of the Computer Center.

Network Workstations: We plan on networking all the computers at the center. This will ensure that all machines can communicate amongst each other, with the ability to share printers and files.

Create an Educational Friendly Environment:This will be Steadfast Solutions’ continuing goal through out the duration of the contract with Mandela Housing Computer Center. Our goal is to encourage learning and foster the development of young minds in order to help them develop the proper skill set to acquire and sustain an occupation.

Our Solution

Steadfast Solutions specializes in providing quality technology related solutions for educational institutions, government agencies, community groups, and faith based institutions. Our solutions address clients’ needs surrounding (1) Information Management, (2) Integration of Technology and Academia, (3) Project based training for center patrons in order to better prepare them for 21 st century workforce, and (4) Career/Life Development. We deliver services in a manner that result in solutions that are: (1) Affordable, (2) Client-Oriented, (3) Educational, and (4) Sustainable.